Please activate JavaScript!

GeotIS requires JavaScript to work correctly.

How to enable JavaScript:

  • Google Chrome:
    Click on "Customize and control" (Button on the top right) Settings → Show advanced settings → In the chapter "Privacy and security" choose "Content settings" → JavaScript
    Either toggle the switch to "Allowed" or add to the list of allowed sites.

  • Mozilla Firefox:
    Since Firefox does not provide an option to disable Javascript, it is more likely that you have installed an add-on (like NoScript) that disabled it. Please deactivate the addon or add to the list of exceptions.

  • MS Internet Explorer:
    Click on the gear symbol or open Tools → Internet options → Security → Internet → Custom level and search for Active Scripting and choose Enable.

  • Apple Safari:
    Click on the gear symbol, then choose Preferences → Security → Enable JavaScript.

  • Opera:
    Click on Menu → Settings → Websites
    Either choose "Allow all sites to run JavaScript" or add to the list of exceptions.

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